Municipality of Gdansk

Gdansk is a city located in northern Poland, on the Baltic Sea cost with

  • area of 262 km2
  • over 471,5 thousand residents
  • over 177,7 millions of public transport passengers per year.

For daily trips,

  • 32% accounts for public transport
  • 21% for walking
  • 6% for cycling.

As the municipality invests in sustainable development and promotion of active mobility modes, it would also like to increase the attractiveness of public transport and assist its residents and tourists with first/last mile mobility needs. As the technology of the autonomous buses is being developed the municipality aims to explore its potential within public transport chain before the autonomous private cars become common on the roads. Within the framework of the Sohja Baltic project Gdansk became the first city in Poland to launch an autonomous bus pilot and the first autonomous bus line and intends to proceed with more advanced pilots.

The Sohjoa Last Mile project is placed in the Active Mobility Unit within The Department of Municipal Economy at The Municipality of Gdańsk.

Main partners are:

  • Gdansk Road and Greenery Management – responsible within the project with temporary traffic management for autonomous Public Transport solutions as well as proposing pilot routs on municipal roads and areas and maintaining greenery along the route.
  • The Municipal Transport Authority in Gdansk – the organiser of public transport in Gdansk that analyses the transport needs of the residents, plans the network and layout of public transport lines, prepares the timetables and coordinates the ticket sales.
  • Gdansk Buses and Trams company – responsible for fleet management as well as hiring and training of bus drivers. In September 2019 three qualified bus drivers were trained to operate an autonomous bus.
  • The Municipality of Gdansk is the Polish main partner of Sohjoa Last Mile, and is running and coordinating the project together with the partners mentioned above.

Project team

• Local project coodinator Magdalena Szymańska, senior specialist in the municipality
• Financial manager Marzena Butowska-Grześ
Remigiusz Kitliński, head of the Active Mobility Unit and Mayor’s Proxy for Cycling


Magdalena Szymańska, The Municipality of Gdansk, phone (+48) 58 526 81 08, (+48) 693 380 265, e-mail magdalena.szymanska[@]

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