City of Tallinn

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia that dreams big and delivers. Tallinn solves its challenges technology-wisely and offers its solutions also to the international community. Tallinn has a population of 450 531 (2018) but welcomes 4.3m visitors annually – ten times of our population and 3 times more per capita than Singapore.

Tallinn is a big fan and promoter of open innovation – as a role model and leader, and as an inspirational and cooperative partner. These principles help us in finding mutually benefitting ways to expand our values and achieve our goals.

Tallinn as a true e-society offering a platform for international socio-economic innovations. In urban mobility context it means, that for example

  • Parcel delivery robots are legally allowed on the streets (2017)
  • Self-driving cars are legally allowed on the streets (2017). The next piloting of self-driving busses (last mile solution in urban context) starts from summer 2019 (project SOHJOA, look also project FABULOUS)
  • Ride-sharing is legalised and properly taxed (2016-2017).

Transport Department main tasks are:

  • planning transport in the city, directing, coordinating and organising its development
  • guaranteeing traffic that is free of problems, smooth, as fast and safe as possible and damages the environment as little as possible
  • coordinating development plans, plans and projects and their terms of reference
  • organising international cooperation in city transport, incl. activities concerning the European Union
  • organising the preparation of surveys and projects in the area of city transport
  • maintaining city transport and traffic registers and any other registers and databases required for the performance of the main tasks of the board
  • organising the operating activities of the railway and port facilities belonging to the city
  • coordinating traffic between the ports and the land connections located in the territory of the city


Jaagup Ainsalu – Project manager in Transport Department since 2012. Has been leading most of the innovative projects in Transport Department as a SOHJOA Baltic, SUMBA, Freight TAILS, Roadmaps For energy R4E etc One of the leader of innovation developments in Transport as a City representer.

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