Municipality of Kongsberg

The Sohjoa Last Mile project is placed in the department of business development at The Municipality of Kongsberg.

Main partners are

  • The National Road Administration and Viken County, both for finance and as professional partners and as providers for public transport and transport on roads.
  • On the implementation side, we will collaborate with Brakar AS, Vy AS and Applied Autonomy AS, and EasyMile. Brakar AS is the regional public transport company, VY AS is a transport provider that runs the transport services for Brakar in Kongsberg, Applied Autonomy is a tech company that delivers solutions and services for autonomous transportation, EasyMile as a supplier of autonomous vehicles.

The Municipality of Kongsberg is the Norwegian main partner of Sohjoa Last Mile, and is running and coordinating the project together with the partners mentioned above.

The Sohjoa Last Mile project in Kongsberg is connected with the national arena Testsite Kongsberg City&Lab for enabling sustainable autonomous transport owned by The Municipality of Kongsberg, The National Road Administration, The Viken county, Kongsberg Innovation, The University og South-East Norway and ITS-Norway.

Project team

  • Project manager Ingar Vaskinn, head of business development in the municipality
  • Elisabeth Skuggevik, senior advisor The National Road Administration
  • Johan Sigander, project leader and strategic logistics planner Brakar AS
  • Grethe Fretheim, road manager The Municipality of Kongsberg


Ingar Vaskinn, head of business development The Municipality of Kongsberg, phone (+47) 481 66 459, mail ingar dot vaskinn @ kongsberg dot kommune dot no

Related information

Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme is funding Sohjoa Last Mile in 2020-2022.