Zemgale Planning Region

The Zemgale area includes 10 742 sq km, which is 16.6% of the total territory of Latvia. The cities occupy 645 sq km, or 6% of the total territory of the Zemgale region. Over 230 000 people are living in Zemgale region.

Zemgale Planning region, also known as ZPR, since year 2006 is working under the supervision of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry of Republic of Latvia as regional public authority, public equivalent body with main function to carry out regional development planning and development, coordination in regional level different fields like transport, education, social services, environment protection, and entrepreneurship support.

Zemgale Planning region has developed and implemented projects funded by the EU and other sources and has extensive experience in the project management.

The decision-making authority of Planning Region is Zemgale Planning Region Development Council consisting of 22 municipalities. Executive body of the institution is Zemgale Planning Region’s Administration. The task of the administration and its specialists is to plan and coordinate the development of the region within its competence, to determine its priorities and basic principles in the long term.

Zemgale planning region successfully implemented the Sohjoa Baltic project with pilots in 2020 and is continuing the work as Sohjoa Last Mile partner. During the implementation of the Sohjoa Baltic project, the Zemgale planning region established stable co-operation with the Road Traffic Safety Directorate, the Ministry of Transport and other stakeholders, which is intended to continue with the aim of developing the necessary legislation in Latvia.

Project team:

  • Project manager Raitis Madžulis
  • Project assistant Einārs Lazdiņš
  • Project communication specialist Ilze Lujāne


Raitis Madžulis, project manager at Zemgale Planning Region, email: raitis.madzulis@zpr.gov.lv

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